5 Visual Marketing Tricks that Tap the Psychology of the Human Mind

4. Appeal to laziness
  • Don’t overwhelm them with too much information
    • If you try to get them to take in too much information, they may instead take in none at all.
    • Use Progressive Disclosure – give them just the brief, most important info first… then they can dive deeper if they choose. Consider using clickable ‘learn more’ buttons, expandable ‘+’s, triangles, or chevrons.


  • Use plenty of white space in your ads and site. This may mean a redesign, or it may simply mean adding space around forms, images, and text.


  • Delineate, encapsulate  …your viewers will appreciate! :b
    Boundaries, categories, tables, etc. make information easier to ingest. Also, people can handle more info if they can see it’s limits. Break up long paragraphs. Use bullet points, color, and different font sizes to emphasize what’s important, etc.

    • Below is an example that illustrates the effectiveness of encapsulation. Without the boxes and bullet points, this would not have been as readable nor as welcoming.




About the Author:

Tim has worked to produce videos for a long list of clients including Dove, LA Fitness, Dermalogica, and Theatre Communications Group, helping to build upon their brands. He founded Invisible Harness (Video for the Arts) in 2016 with the goal of building a team of talent that is known for producing high-quality promotional media for arts organizations and to ultimately find ways to use video to benefit humanity. He enjoys traveling, experiencing other cultures, being in the company of good people, and singing.

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