5 Visual Marketing Tricks

According to leading marketing research, people are not only drawn to shiny things, but certain patterns, shapes, colors, placements, and other key details. Our brains have tendencies, instinctual responses, and common preferences. Understanding these quirks and the visual marketing tricks that speak to them can greatly enhance the effectiveness of any visual marketing campaign.

The information that follows is not a set of rules that should always be followed – just a concise set of marketing tricks, tips, and human quirks to consider while trying to get a message across or move your viewers to action with any visual medium.

1. Control the viewer’s eye

Effective use of Visual lines can lead the eye to what is important.

  • You may only have a second to get your message across, so directing a visitor’s eye quickly to the most important message or image is super important. The use of lines, be it actual lines, or something with implied lines is a common way of doing this.
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  • Having a model look at what is important will cue the viewer to look there as well.
  • If you are not trying to drive focus in your design, or the model is the main focus, have the model look at the camera. This has been shown in studies to build trust.
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