5 Visual Marketing Tricks that Tap the Psychology of the Human Mind

2. Tap into the viewer’s emotional triggers

Camera angles and facial expressions influence viewer response

  • An upward looking angle on a model signals confidence/power, while a downward-looking angle evokes pity and a desire to help the subject.


  • Smiles sell. As cheesy as it may sound, studies have shown an increased advertisement success rate when the ad had a model smiling versus the same ad where the model was not smiling. Of course, consider your subject content here.


  • Eye contact breeds a sense of trust in the viewer. If the model is not looking at important content, consider having them look instead directly at the camera.



About the Author:

Tim has worked to produce videos for a long list of clients including Dove, LA Fitness, Dermalogica, and Theatre Communications Group, helping to build upon their brands. He founded Invisible Harness (Video for the Arts) in 2016 with the goal of building a team of talent that is known for producing high-quality promotional media for arts organizations and to ultimately find ways to use video to benefit humanity. He enjoys traveling, experiencing other cultures, being in the company of good people, and singing.

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