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Having a well done promotional video puts a tremendously powerful marketing tool in your back pocket. To better understand the importance of video, head over to our blog, The Power of Video for Business. But simply having a tool doesn’t get you very far if you leave it sitting in your back pocket. You need to know how to get that video out there in front of your target audience. Although there are lots of paid advertising ways to get your video out there, if you want to self distribute, you’ll first need to figure out where to host your video. In this blog, we will be looking at the pros and cons of using Vimeo to host your video, be it a company promo video, an explainer video, or your child’s video producing debut. To learn about other popular video hosting options so you can make an informed decision, check out the other blogs in this series:


Vimeo offers a much welcomed solution to some of the problems with YouTube. Here is an overview:

The Pros of Using Vimeo to host Company Promo Videos

  • No Ads
    • Vimeo doesn’t make it’s money by sticking annoying ads at the front of your video. Instead, they ask for a small fee if you are using more than 500MB of upload space per week. They also don’t have annoying ads on their website.
  • More professional look
    • You can customize the embedded player to have a custom color, remove buttons, remove the Vimeo logo from embedded videos (!), and change what happens after the video is done playing.vimeo-cusomize-options
    • If you are willing to drop the $199/yr for a Pro membership, you can even replace the vimeo logo with your own logo …and that’s pretty slick.
  • Very easy to use
    • The vimeo organizer is a beautiful thing.
  • Only your videos are suggested at the end of each video
    • Instead of suggesting you watch somebody else’s video on their site after your video ends, Vimeo lets you choose what will happen at the end of each of your videos, so you can keep people on your page, display some custom text, or have them link to more of your videos on your vimeo channel. That’s kind of a big deal.
  • More detailed analytics
    • Vimeo goes farther than YouTube with the stats, giving you more insight about who watched your video, who liked it, commented on it, whether or not they finished watching it, how many of the plays were on embedded players, etc. These details can mean big bucks when it comes to fine tuning how to deliver your messages to your target audience.


  • More customizable privacy settings
    • You can specify exactly which sites can embed your video/s and password protect them as well.
  • Pay-Per-View option
    • Although not so popular these days since most people aren’t used to paying to view video content online, if this option sounds interesting to you, Vimeo might be your best bet.

The Cons of Using Vimeo to host Company Promo Videos

  • Far less traffic than YouTube
    • Vimeo has just over 100 million users. That’s a lot, but it’s nothing compared to the mighty YouTube. …so your videos tend to be less ‘visible’.
  • Not free
    • For some, this is more than a fair trade to not have to deal with ads, still it’s kinda nice to not have to pay a dime, regardless of how much content you’re uploading (YouTube).
    • Although for a reasonable fee, you can upload a lot of content to Vimeo, none of their packages are limitless. You always have a ceiling hanging over your head, whereas Youtube is game for whatever you want to throw at it. I’ve even found a video on YouTube that is nearly 600 hours long (don’t bother watching … unless you enjoy watching bland patterns shift for extended periods of time. It’s really not that great).
  • Google search results
    • It is rumored that Google may favor listing videos that are hosted on YouTube …since Google owns YouTube. This could be a big deal… if it’s true.

Closing Thoughts about using Vimeo to Host your video:

Vimeo is the choice of many video professionals –for good reason. It is an inexpensive way to get away from the ads and suggested videos that YouTube uses to lure your visitors away to their network. Although Vimeo does have a respectable built-in network of video connoisseurs (most of which have a sophisticated palate for quality video), it does not compare in size to the massive audience that YouTube brings daily. Therefore, if you put out regular videos that are either entertaining or informative and your goal is to build a following of subscribers and potentially cash in by selling ad space to that following, YouTube is for you. But if you are just looking for a somewhere to host videos that can be embedded or shared by others, you don’t put out regular interesting or educational content and don’t care about building a following, and you want your embedded videos to look more pro and keep your visitors on your page without having to spend a bunch of money, Vimeo might be your best bet.

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