Wistia: A review

In our previous posts, we discussed some of the options available when it comes to hosting videos, as well as the ups and downs of using YouTube and Vimeo to host your promotional videos. In another previous post, we discussed why using promotional videos is such a vital tool to use when you are trying to spread the word about your product or service.

Wistia is a surprisingly oft-unheard-of alternative to YouTube. It offers users boatloads of valuable information about who is watching their videos: from where, for how long, and all that fun sort of information that helps you fine tune your video marketing strategies. But is it the right video platform for your business? Here are the Wistia Pros and Cons.


The Pros of Using Wistia

  • SEO -Wistia works great for SEO, since you can embed keywords into your videos.
  • Best Analytics -it provides more detailed analytics than any of the other video hosting platforms –a feature that makes it perfect for serious ad campaigns.Wistia Pros and Cons Analytics 
  • In-video forms and hyperlinks -Among other easy to use customization options, Wistia allows you to utilize forms and hyperlinks in the videos themselves, giving viewers direct access to your website.Wistia Pros and Cons -analytics 
  • Very professional look -The new Vulcan Wistia player is simply the best if you ask me –with a simple, sleek design, no branding label, customizable colors (so you can make it fit your page or brand) and snappy reliable playback with a cool time slider that has slick roll-over thumbnails that make it easy to navigate …and it’s totally responsive – meaning it can automatically resize with the browser screen as the user adjusts it and fit on the page awesomely regardless of whether it’s viewed on a computer, cell, tablet, or …jumbotron? It’s also notably quicker to play after clicking the play button in our tests.
  • Better security -Ripping YouTube and Vimeo videos is a breeze, but if somebody wants to steal your Wistia video, they’d better know what they’re doing.
  • Flexible Dimensions -Wistia doesn’t limit you to the typical 16×9 widescreen video dimensions. Your video can be any aspect ratio your heart desires, so you can have a slim video that stretches down the side of your site if you like. And yes, it supports 4K video which, if you don’t know, has about 4 times the clarity of HD video. Despite all this, Wistia is not for everyone.

The Cons of Using Wistia

  • It’s expensive -Unlike other video hosting platforms, Wistia charges based on how many videos you have on their platform. So if you have more than a few videos you want to release to the world, get your wallet out. Here’s how the pricing works at wistia:Wistia Pros and Cons -Pricing 2016

  • No help with promotion like on YouTube or (to a lesser degree) Vimeo. Wistia is strictly a hosting site that gives you lots of features that are useful for a serious ad campaign. It’s not a social media platform where people can stumble upon your video or watch all the videos on your channel back to back over a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

Closing Thoughts about the Wistia Pros and Cons:

Wistia is a powerful tool for businesses and definitely worth considering for videos that are not the type of videos that would garner subscribers. If you have multiple videos and they are the kind that people will watch back to back and subscribe to (either for education or entertainment), then you should consider Youtube. If not, your best bet is either Vimeo or Wistia. If you have the money (or have less than 5 videos) and you want your video/s to look as professional as possible, with the best player out there, conversion forms or links in the video, and detailed analytics, Wistia is a likely candidate. Think of Wistia as a more professional version of Vimeo but without the social audience that Vimeo brings to the table.

If you have any questions or you would like more information about having a promotional or explainer video made for your organization, please hit us up! That’s what we do!

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