Pictured below: Argonautika, A Noise Within Theatre

video production

video productio_

Our specialty is multicam coverage of anything that happens on a stage. We also offer company promo videos, fundraiser videos, show trailers, and event publicity videos. We are a collaborative partner to our clients, deeply invested in their success.






our process


Research, planning, and communication, making sure we understand your brand, your mission, and your immediate goals.


Video shoots, editing, mixing …making videos that not only look and sound amazing, but that accomplish goals.


Helping you to get the most out of the videos we create by assisting with ad placement, distribution, etc.


“Invisible Harness’ gorgeous work really brought our event to life. It’s been instrumental in telling the story of our Conference, and has proven useful for over 2 years and counting!”

Hannah Fenlon
Associate Director of Conferences, Theatre Communications Group

“THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST SIZZLE REELS I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! Incredible production value, totally professional presentation, high-quality music and obvious commercial potential.”

Michael Lynn
Emmy-nominated producer of “E! True Hollywood Story”

michael lynn

“This video is a masterpiece! Thank you so much for this beautiful work of art.”

Marzo Artime
Conchita Espinosa Conservatory of the Arts

“Tim is the video partner I never knew I needed but can’t live without. I am fortunate to collaborate with him: he’s creative, communicative, and excellent at what he does”

Regina Cabrera
Event Marketing Manager, CalTech Live

“Tim is a vital creative force from concept through the visual process, the edit and final delivery. He remains true to the tenets of the story through his mastery of the camera and post editing.”

Howard Ritter
Emmy nominated, DGA Award winning associate director (Night Court, General Hospital, Saved by the Bell, Sinbad, The Nanny, Pair of Kings, Austin and Ally)

howard ritter

“Tim, this is so good! Thank you! …I was thrilled to get to watch this 5 times in a row last night after our preview!”

Damaso Rodriguez
Artistic Director, Artists Repertory Theatre