Fairfax High School Admissions Video
(Shot during a pandemic!)

Part of a 5 video promo video production package purchased to boost enrollment for the school.

Produced by Invisible Harness
Directed by Tim Neighbors

“I love the video!!! You have done a great job!!! Thank you!!”
-Yesenia Arroyo, Assistant Principal, Fairfax High School

“Wow, I’m crying, this is so beautiful”
-Whitney Weston, Co-Founder, Greenway Arts Alliance

“This entire month I have been showing the video at recruitment Fairs along with other High Schools who are showing their video as well and ours is above and beyond the best. It’s not even a competition. You are a very talented director and thank you again for all your work.”

-Andres Favela, Magnet Coordinator, Fairfax High School