an ad agency for the arts & education.

Our goal at Invisible Harness is not just to make great videos; it’s to support the individuals and organizations we work with. Invisible Harness is a collaborator, a creative advisor, a trusted partner with each of our clients.

We are also committed to making positive contributions to the community. A portion of Invisible Harness’s profits go toward sponsoring children from low income households to attend performing arts classes.




“…a huge benefit to performing arts organizations…”

Patrick Spike
PATA, Arts People, Bag and Baggage Prod.

“The quality of Invisible Harness’ work is astounding…”

Tiffany Vergara
Finance Director, Caldera Arts

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“Incredible! Beautiful work. …I love it.
Invisible Harness’ technique and artistry are quite extraordinary.”

Geoff Elliott
Co-Founder, A Noise Within TheatreA Noise Within Logo


Here are some of the key people who give life to Invisible Harness:

Tim Neighbors

Founder, CCD (Chief Coffee Drinker)

When not at his edit bay, Tim can be found marveling at the way the sunlight glistens through his green tea. His love for lighting, art, and the moving picture make it clear that he is in the right field. For over a decade after receiving his BA in video production, he did work for a long list of clients including Dove, LA Fitness, Los Angeles Arch Diocese, The American Music Awards, and The Oscars. He later found his niche in video production for the performing arts and education. He enjoys traveling, experiencing other cultures, live theatre, creating music, and attending Spanish conversation groups.

ian stout
Ian Stout

Filmmaker, Cinematographer

Ian Stout is a cinematographer and an all around filmmaker with over a decade of video experience. He first caught the film bug making ski and snowboard films in South Lake Tahoe California. More recently he was the Director of Photography on the documentary film “Jump The Fence” which won Best First Feature at the 2021 Arizona International Film Festival. Put a camera in his hands, and Ian will have the biggest smile on his face!

Jagger Gonzalez
Jagger Gonzales

Graphic Designer

If you see a Star Wars poster around, it may have been designed by Jagger. Known for his work at Lucasfilm and as a Senior Designer at Warner Brothers, Jagger is undeniably good at what he does. That’s why he gets to drive such a fancy car. Yes, respected for his design work (and his insane drumming skills) and loved for his calm, down-to-earth vibe, Jagger is living the good life.

Kevin Schlanser
Kevin Schlanser

Filmmaker, Musician

Despite a wealth of technical knowledge, Kevin remains a true artist first and foremost. He has always had a talented eye for visuals and he has honed his camera, lighting, and directing skills over his decade of filmmaking experience. Be sure to check out his acclaimed film, The Ataxian. Kevin is also a life-long musician, a wonderful human, and recently became a dad!

Malcolm Guess
Malcolm Guess

Camera Operator, Audio Guru

Malcolm has such great ears, it’s rumored that he can hear an earthquake 10 minutes before it happens. Born in Russington, England, Malcolm has been playing in and recording bands since his teens. Over the years, he has engineered for such artists as Patti Labelle, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and famed producer T Bone Burnette. He was also the head sound engineer at the legendary rock club The Troubador where he has mixed just about every notable rock band you can think of. He himself is the singer for the band The Clouds Below.

He also has a respectable camera/film background, having been in the trenches in the video world for nearly a decade. Even with his illustrious resume, Malcolm manages to be a super cool, humble person.

“Tim captures the essence of the message, the story, the moment with exceptional attention to detail and artistic professionalism. He is responsive, listens well, and brings his heart and a whole lot of talent to the project.”

Jane Vogel
Founder, Advance Gender Equity in the Arts

“Truly fantastic and awesome work. We could not have done this without Ian, you, and the rest of your team.
Congratulations on making really amazing works of art.”

Peter Bilotta
Executive Director, CMNW
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“Invisible Harness’s videos have brought an immeasurable value to our marketing efforts.”

David Andrusia
Marketing Director, ANW Theatre

“Invisible Harness promotional videos consistently capture the essence of your work to provide an on target message presented with a keen artistic aesthetic and dedication to detail.”

Wendy Niculescu
Interim Director of Development