Greenway Arts Alliance

Greenway Arts Alliance is home to the Greenway Court Theatre, Greenway Institute for the Arts, and also hosts the Melrose Trading Post. Each of these components fill a need for the neighboring High School and the surrounding community and together they create a self-sustaining ecosystem of goodness. It was an honor and privilege for Invisible Harness to be called upon to create this video as part of a 5 video package that aimed to bring increased awareness and funding to this great non-profit.

Here’s what their co-founder had to say:

“We have been struggling with the branding of our three departments for 20 years, no one has been able to capture the true essence of our organization like Tim did. Tim listened to our needs and found a way to bring all the elements of our organization together in 4 minutes, nothing short of a miracle. No one has ever been able to tell our story so completely, his ability to understand what we needed and to put it together was truly amazing. Tim was 100% professional and he knows what works yet he gave us the flexibility to shape our videos, giving us plenty of room for our input every step of the way, a true collaborator.”

-Whitney Weston, Co-founder, Greenway Arts Alliance