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Self-Hosting Video Content: The Pros and Cons

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Should I self-host my own video? I usually recommend people use one of the more popular video hosting services, YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia. Click any of those to learn more about them, or if you want to see them compared concisely, visit Which is Better? YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia? However there are some situations in which the best option is to [...]

Wistia Pros and Cons for Video Hosting

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Wistia: A review In our previous posts, we discussed some of the options available when it comes to hosting videos, as well as the ups and downs of using YouTube and Vimeo to host your promotional videos. Wistia is a surprisingly oft-unheard-of alternative to YouTube. It offers users boatloads of analytics that can help you fine tune your video marketing strategies. [...]

Vimeo Pros and Cons

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Should I use Vimeo? Choosing which video platform to host your videos on is just one more night of research you don't have time for. So I put together this concise review of the pros and cons of Vimeo. I hope it saves you some time. To see a brief comparison between Vimeo, Youtube, and Wistia, 3 of the most popular video [...]

Understanding YouTube and It’s Purpose

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Understanding Youtube and It's PurposeYouTube is all about getting visitors to stay and consume video after video so that they can see ad after ad. According to one small study, conducted by Phil Nottingham of Distilled, only 0.72% of viewers of YouTube channels with URL’s in the description clicked thru to the linked site. What that tells us is, if you are [...]