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Video is the #1 marketing tool today, but only if you handle it properly. So click on, arm yourself with some knowledge and take your marketing to the next level.  And feel free to ‘share’ the love 😉

Vimeo Pros and Cons

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Having a well done promotional video puts a tremendously powerful marketing tool in your back pocket. To better understand the importance of video, head over to our blog, The Power of Video for Business. But simply having a tool doesn't get you very far if you leave it sitting in your back pocket. You need to know how to get that video [...]

YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia for Your Promo Video?

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A professional-looking video can be a powerful tool for any company; as internet video viewership continues to explode, there may be no better way to communicate a message, build upon a brand, or sell a product or service. To learn more about this, check out our blog, The Power of Video for Business: Why a Promo or Explainer Video Makes a Difference. But [...]

Promotional Video Distribution: (pt. 2 of 2) –Internet Video Distribution Overview

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Ah, the Internet... Home of pretty much every rational and irrational thought thunk by man. In terms of video, the vastness seems to know no bounds. According to research from various sources, the figures are nothing short of amazing. If we just look at YouTube, as an example: 125,288 videos are viewed every second of every day. 300 hours of video [...]