Schubert – Paul Watkins and Brentano String Quartet

Portland concert videography produced by Invisible Harness for Chamber Music NW in 2021 as part of their streaming summer concert series.

Camera: Ian Stout, Tim Neighbors, Caleb Coder Editing: Tim Neighbors

We accepted the challenge to capture each of 9 concerts in one month, all captured with 5-7 cameras in ultra high definition and streaming online in just over a week after they each took place. Below is the feedback:

“Thank you, Tim – truly fantastic and awesome work. We could not have done this without Ian, you, and the rest of your team.

Congratulations on making really amazing works of art.”

-Peter Bilotta, Executive Director, Chamber Music NW

“We are truly grateful to have you this summer – we could not have found a more professional, dedicated and kinder team to work with. Thank you for being so open in sharing our vision, it means so much to us. You have brought so many people so much joy this summer and we are thrilled and proud to share these videos with everyone.  Thank you so much again!”

-Gloria Chien, Artistic Director, Chamber Music NW

“EVERYONE is totally floored and over-the-moon happy with your work and working with you! …not only did you pull it off, but you produced some of the VERY BEST concert productions IN THE WORLD!!!! :)
I cannot even tell you the number of countless conversations of WOW and gratitude I had with virtual audiences who were so appreciative.”

-Nicole Lane, Marketing Director, Chamber Music NW


Jaren Hillard, Artistic Operations Manager, Chamber Music NW