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Video is the #1 marketing tool today, but only if you handle it properly. So click on, arm yourself with some knowledge and take your marketing to the next level.  And feel free to ‘share’ the love 😉

Promotional Video Distribution: Getting the Most From Your Video (pt.1 of 2)

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(image credit: If you read our previous blog, The Power of Video for Business, then you know how important it is to make video part of your marketing strategy for your company, brand or ideas. One roadblock that many businesses, charities, and individuals run into after making a great promotional video is not knowing what to do with it after it’s ready. They want [...]

The Power of Video for Business: Why a Promo or Explainer Video Makes a Difference

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Why is it so important to get your message across using promotional videos? Let’s begin to answer that question by taking a look at the internet, which has caught up and now threatens to surpass television as the world’s preferred source of information and entertainment. When you scroll through your Facebook feed or peruse some blogs, what catches your eye more often: [...]

Search Engines to Begin Incorporating Video Ads into Search Results in 2016

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If you own a small business and want to stay current with your marketing efforts, this article is a must-read.  One very key thing to note is the ever-growing importance of utilizing video as part of your online presence.  Did you know that in 2016... "search engines will begin incorporating video ads into search results. ......When it comes to fruition, small businesses that have [...]