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About Invisible Harness

Arts organizations have a new ally!

Our main focus at Invisible Harness is to create award-winning video trailers and other short promotional videos for live theaters and other performing arts organizations.  We may be the first video company ever to specialize in producing and spreading video content for this specific type of organization. We may be the first video company to do this!

A portion of our profits go toward paying for children from low-income households to attend a summer arts course. The Arts can have a tremendously positive effect on a child’s confidence level, their critical thinking skills, and their ability to collaborate. We want all children to be able to experience the positive effects of the arts as we each did.

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“…a huge benefit to performing arts organizations…”

Patrick Spike
PATA, Arts People, Bag and Baggage Prod.

“The quality of Invisible Harness’ work is astounding…”

Tiffany Vergara
Finance Director, Caldera Arts

“…quite extraordinary”

Geoff Elliott
Co-Founder, A Noise Within Theatre


When not at his edit bay, Tim can be found marveling at the way the sunlight glistens through his green tea. His love for lighting, art, and the moving picture make it clear that he is in the right field. For over a decade, he worked solely or as part of a team for a long list of clients including Dove, LA Fitness, Los Angeles Arch Diocese, and Loyola Marymount University. He later found his niche in video production for performing arts. He enjoys traveling, experiencing other cultures, live theatre, being in the company of good people, and singing with his bands. 
patrick invisible harness


Patrick has loads of experience as a writer, as a guitarist, and as being a great person in general. He has helped with multiple startups before joining the Harness team; worked for years with autistic children, helping them to grow into happy, mentally healthy individuals; and is an amazing dad/brother/husband. He’s just a great guy and an awesome person to talk with in a company Facebook chat session. Say hi and invite him to your next BBQ …you might make a new friend.
ben jones


You’ll have to ask Ben what that camera button does. Born in London, England, Ben has been playing music and making films since he was in his early teens. He has produced videos for an impressive list of clients including Twitter, The LA Lakers, the Magic Johnson Foundation, and the San Francisco Ballet. He has spent more time travelling overseas than most of us have spent travelling outside our neighborhood …and he recently became a dad! Check out his band at www.thecloudsbelow.com.


Tiffany’s brain barely fits in her head. She holds a B.S. in Accounting and an M.A. in Social Entrepreneurship and Change. She keeps our numbers straight and stops us from blowing all our money on unnecessary video gadgets. She loves to learn, bake, dance (she’s really good at it!), and travel and can usually be found singing at her desk (she’s really good at that too!).
malcolm guess


Malcolm has such great ears, it’s rumored that he can hear an earthquake 10 minutes before it happens. Born in Russington, England, Malcolm has been playing in and recording bands since his teens.  Over the years, he has engineered for such artists as Patti Labelle, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and famed producer T Bone Burnette.  He was also the head sound engineer at the legendary rock club The Troubador where he mixed just about every notable rock band you can think of. He himself is the singer for the band The Clouds Below (Ben is their drummer).

He also has a respectable camera/film background, having been in the trenches in the video world for years.  Even with his illustrious resume, Malcolm manages to be a super cool, humble person.