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If you read our previous blog, The Power of Video for Business, then you know how important it is to make video part of your marketing strategy for your company, brand or ideas.

One roadblock that many businesses, charities, and individuals run into after making a great promotional video is not knowing what to do with it after it’s ready. They want their video to accomplish their marketing goals but if the right people aren’t seeing it, that’s not likely to happen. They need a promotional video distribution strategy.

To begin to establish your promotional video distribution strategy, you need to gain at least a little savvy when it comes to video distribution. You need to know at least the basic options you have for distributing your commercial / explainer / promotional video and (hopefully) grabbing people’s attention long enough to have them heed your call to action.

Promotional video distribution is deep topic with around a gazillion options to consider. To simplify things a bit let’s break it down to these two options: Television and Internet. (We still love you radio, but “seeing is believing” is proving itself to be a very profound maxim these days!)

In this blog, we will focus on TV. For more on internet distribution options, tune in to our next blog.

Using Television for Promotional Video Distribution

Time Warner Cable gives us some pretty valuable information regarding the reach of video content on cable TV:

  • People spend one-third of their waking hours watching TV, with 57% of that time watching cable.
  • With 100+ diverse networks and 2,989 original programs, consumers choose cable over broadcast for top entertainment and sports programming.
  • Cable ratings remain strong and steady throughout the year.

So yeah, while this may change in the future, Cable TV is still one of the top ways to reach not just an audience, but a specific audience that you wish to target. But how do you get your fancy explainer or promo video in front of the next big sporting event or other quality cable entertainment?

Answer: you need to get your (usually :30 second) video to a cable network (Time Warner, Comcast, Cox, etc.) and then pay them for ad space. This is how the process might look if you hire a video production company to create your video, then take it directly to a cable company like Time Warner yourself:

Promotional Video Distribution Methods

It sounds simple enough, but when it comes to video advertising, there are a lot of moving parts. With a mind-numbing number of advertising options and an entire field of study (video marketing) that goes into knowing the most effective way to reach your target, you might do well to seek some professional help. Many companies make use of an ad agency for this reason.

Promotional Video Distribution Methods

An ad agency will look at your unique goals, the specific demographics of your target audience, the geographic reach that best suits your goals, and current trends in ad effectiveness along with budgetary contraints. Then they’ll formulate an effective ad campaign for you, putting a marketing pro between you and the cable networks (cable networks might not care to spend as much time trying to customize an advertising plan for you).

Promotional Video Distribution Methods

Even better is if you can find a great video production company that will also offer to function as an ad agency for you after the video is done. This can provide an ideal situation, where the video producers are not only market-savvy, but can plan out or at least have in mind the entire promotional video distribution ad campaign before the cameras even start rolling.

Invisible Harness is one example of such a company, specializing in producing creative video content, and also offering promotional video distribution through nearly every major cable network in the United States.

As television continues to maintain its grasp over the American viewing public, you definitely want to consider distributing your promotional videos through this medium. People are still watching TV. A lot!

In our next post, we will continue this discussion about getting the most from your promotional video by focusing on some of the Internet distribution options available.
If you have any questions so far about promotional video distribution for your commercial / explainer / promo video, get in touch with us and we will do what we can to clear those up!

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