Why is it so important to get your message across using promotional videos?

Let’s begin to answer that question by taking a look at the internet, which has caught up and now threatens to surpass television as the world’s preferred source of information and entertainment.

Power of Video

When you scroll through your Facebook feed or peruse some blogs, what catches your eye more often: an all text post, a picture, or a video? Let’s be honest: the excitement, allure, and entertainment behind moving pictures has been a far more compelling snare to fall into than any picture or words. So the remarkable power of video should not come as any surprise!


According to Cisco Visual Networking Index, 70% of all consumer internet traffic in 2015 was IP video traffic, and will climb to 82% by 2020. What that means is when people are on the internet, they are spending most of their time watching the internet’s countless hours of video content. They are looking for videos to tell them stories, inform them, entertain them, and encourage them to take action, whether it is to back an important cause or trying out a certain brand.

Power of Video GraphPower of Video Graph

Source: Cisco VNI Global IP Traffic Forecast, 2015–2020

Much of the new research behind the power of video for branding demonstrates that people will take the time to watch compelling video content more frequently than static ads or promotions. People like to see things move, which is what brings us to the next point: TV.


Promotional videos and advertisements are long-held standards in marketing ideas, products, and services to specific television audiences. With the rise of user analytics software, people can now more easily than ever connect specific services, products, or missions with audiences who will be most interested in them.




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