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Video Prices for Theatres and the Arts

We aim for quality over quantity. You might find lower prices out there, but we don’t believe you will find a better value. We will also work with our clients and advise on the most effective methods of using our videos so they get results.

Below are some base prices to give you a rough idea.

[Prices can vary widely depending on scope of work]

Show Trailer

Our show trailers are our pride and joy and a gateway to all sorts of other promotional videos. Discounts available for smallish organizations.

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Company Promo

Having a professional-looking promo to show to donors at that next gala and on your website can really elevate your organization.

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Event Videography Promo

We’ll make a short highlight video of your event that will make people eager to attend the next one.

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Event/Show Coverage

After all the work that goes into putting together a great event, be sure to capture it – for future reference, grant proposal work samples, or more. We offer multi-cam coverage/edit as well!

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Company Logo Animation

A small investment gives your company a professional-looking motion graphic that can be used on any and all future videos. Forever …and ever.

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Why use Invisible Harness for your theatre?

  • One video company that can meet all of a Theatre’s various video needs …so you won’t have to search for video crews ever again.
  • The same video company that creates each show trailer can also create the theatre’s promo videos, building an organized library of video assets and a solid understanding of the theatre company and it’s goals.
  • Our video equipment is perfect for live theatre.
  • Nobody knows how to make a video for theatre like a theatre video company. We know our way around a stage, understand most live theatre terminology, and know what is important to show and what is not.
  • We have a large portfolio of video for theatre and a proven track record of producing videos that sell tickets and win grants.
  • We don’t have to fake it. We actually love the arts and want to promote it.
  • We use a portion of our profits to expose underprivileged children to the arts …often at one of the organizations we serve.
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Our relationship sweetens over time

The real value comes later, after we have been capturing all kinds of video content for you, have built a video library for you, and can use the same video material for multiple videos.
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